Customer Reviews

"Nat at the Tampa location was so helpful in finding me what I was looking for, and getting the deal done. They worked with me at every point in the process, and were extremely helpful. I referred my friend who also will buy a car there, and will be recommending many more! They are honest, kind, friendly and helpful - everything you want to find in a dealership. I highly recommend this dealer. Go see Nat @ Tampa Auto Source, you'll thank me later!!!!"Adriana Desanjorge - 12/28/2016
"I recently filed bankruptcy and started taking the bus, thinking that no one would work with because of my bankruptcy. Tampa Auto Source got me financed and put me in luxury vehicle. I am a women of faith and I of course have the fear of buying a car in fear that I will taken advantage of, but that did not happen. I had to put down a small down payment and my car payments are low. It is a very humbling experience to be without a car after never being without car. I am very thankful to Tampa Auto Source and I would recommend any and everyone to them. Thank you Eddie and God Bless!"Quiana
"Love these guys. They will go above and beyond to help you. They don't just care about selling cars, they truly care about their customers. I'll definitely be back to buy again."Samuel Zabulon
"I must tell you that this was THE most HASSLE FREE car buying experience that I have ever had. I am located in the Ft Lauderdale area and after emailing over price for a week we finally came to an agreement. As it was late in the day on a Saturday, I would not make it up to Tampa until after the dealership closed. Not only did Orlando come back to the dealership to receive me when I arrived at 9pm (keeping in touch with me by text the whole time), but he had the key and car ready for the test drive, the papers all drawn up and ready, and even had the restroom doors open! I was in and out in under 30 minutes. The car was as described and I LOVE IT!! I would DEFINATELY deal with Orlando and his team again at Tampa Auto Source."Lisa Verde
"I had such a phenomenal experience with Orlando and Joshua! Orlando found me the perfect car (a mint condition C-class) and jumped through every hoop imaginable to get me into this car. My credit was non-existent and I had a meager down payment. None of it mattered! I left in that car the same day! Between Orlando's awesome salesmanship and Joshua's polite and thorough assistance I now have a vehicle I love and a payment I can afford. I will recommend them to anyone and everyone. If you are in the market for a strong, clean used car, there is no other alternative. Come to Tampa Auto Source and ask for Orlando and Joshua! You will not regret it my friends!"Steve Kelly
"Great experience! We drove 9 hours to buy a car from Tampa Auto Source! There were 4 dealerships where we could have bought our car. After speaking with Orlando by phone, over a couple of days, we were confident that Tampa Auto Source was the best choice for us. When we arrived to meet Orlando, and to see the car, we were extremely pleased. The car was everything he said it would be. Orlando and Eddie went out of their way to ensure our experience exceeded our expectations! We would NOT have driven 9 hours to buy a car from someone we didn't trust. Orlando is a true professional and we were very pleased to be dealing with such a kind person. We bought a car, and we made a friend. We absolutely recommend Tampa Auto Source."H.G. Fillingim
"My husband and I had a great experience at Tampa Auto Source. Pete was friendly, helpful, and honest and took his time to answer all of our questions on any vehicle that we chose to look at. The inventory was impressive and we walked away with not one, but TWO great cars. Thank you Pete!"by BelindaA from Palm Harbor, FL | November 15, 2014
"If there is anyplace I would go next time for a purchase of a vehicle, it is definitely here. They have earned a loyal customer. Eddie and Mike know how to get a deal done and very good at there job. I was impressed. I wasnt looking to walk out with anything. These guys made my day. Again thank you eddie and mike. If your looking for a clean car in great condition go to tampa auto source, mike is probably the best sales guy ive seen in awhile. He will help you. I love my car."Ricardo Roach Jr
"The crew at Tampa Auto Source is top notch. I'm in the process of repairing my credit. I gave Peter many challenges to overcome. This guy is a fighter. Peter went above and beyond to get my deal completed.. Thank you Peter !!!! from St. Petersburg, FL | September 12, 2014"by Michael S.
"I could say so much about Peter and my experience at Tampa Auto source it was just that great, But to keep it short and sweet. I did not expect to leave with my car or any car for that matter but Peter walked me through the whole process with the bank and the insurance company to get me in my DREAM CAR as if it was his own. I never felt uncomfortable or Intimidated being a first time buyer and woman with really no prior knowledge. With that said I would 100% recommend Tampa Auto Source to any first time buyer or woman looking for a good deal on really nice LUXURY cars. Tampa Fl | September 5, 2014"Infiniti Driver from Tampa Fl | September 5, 2014
"My husband and I recently purchased a 2008 Jetta SE from Tampa Auto Source, and had a great experience from the time that I first walked on to the lot to check out their selection, to the time that we drove the car off of the lot later that week. Peter was friendly and honest. Definitely not the "used car salesman type". The next time that we are looking for a quality used car, we will begin (and most likely end) our search at Tampa Auto Source!"allison lumsden
"I was in need of a car to be able to go to work and most importantly take my son to his therapy and medical testing. I contact Tampa Auto Source after viewing one of their cars on craigslist and I made the call. I spoke with Mike initially and told him my situation. He assured me they would do everything in their power to get me a vehicle. I sent in all my information and went to see them as promised the next day. They are MORE than just a dealership I ASSURE YOU! I am now driving in a 2009 Hyundai Sonata which I LOVE!!!!!! ALL the cars they sell are in great condition. As promised I test drove 3 vehicles because he told me he was going to make sure IU get into a car as I came in a taxi!"Kam White
"Great experience,Great customer service, met all of my needs and worked with me and my financial situation. Beyond satisfied and a great place to do business with."Lola Wetherington
"This place is great if it wasn't for Peter i wouldn't have a job and my Mazdaspeed3. Peter is the best he helped me get the car i wanted and great payments. He isn't a salesmen he is like family he cares a lot about the car and the buyers. Thank You again Peter P.s Call Tampa Auto Source and ask for Peter if you ever need a car!!"josh Borges
"If you are in the market for a used car these guys DEFINITELY DESERVE A LOOK. Check out their inventory and if you see a car you like, don't hesitate! GIVE THEM A CALL AND CHECK THEM OUT! From the first call I made, Mike and Eddie were THE DEFINITION OF HOW USED CAR SHOPPING SHOULD BE. They went the extra mile every step of the way. The first day I called a half hour from closing and they were more than willing to stay open until I arrived and could look at the car. There were a few dealerships I talked with during my 4 weeks of car shopping in similar situations that said " Can you come in tomorrow?" and from my point of view I was thinking, if I am asking to see the car now it’s because I can't or don't want to wait until tomorrow. It's the dealer that needs to make the sale, shouldn't they cater to what the customer wants? The guys here stayed WELL BEYOND closing and were happy to do so. After checking out the car, I did a little research into the dealership, because I was a little worried about buying from a small dealership. They have INCREDIBLE REVIEWS, and not just from a couple people but over 40 reviews, and the only negative ones are from over a year ago, which if you read it did not appear to be the dealers fault. They also provided a CARFAX to show the car was clear of accidents and had a good service record, which put me at ease. I wanted to check the car out in bright daylight since we were there pretty late the night before. Mike and Eddie did not pressure me at all to make a deal that same day nor did they pushed me to come back by constantly calling and harassing me and telling me the car I wanted was going to be sold soon, like other dealerships. This was a big difference for me from the 15 other dealers I saw. I checked out dealerships all over town from big guys like Tampa Hondaland, Kuhn, Wesley Chapel dealerships, etc....almost every large dealer within 30 miles, and these guys were the only ones that didn't pressure me. That speaks a lot because if you sell good cars for a fair price then you don't need to pressure people, people will come back or someone else will definitely buy the car, there is no need to annoy people. The next day I test drove the car and it ran great! Confident in the car, the dealer, and because I got a FAIR PRICE, I closed the deal. I couldn't have been happier. Then a week later the dreaded used car fear arose! A minor problem, but the passenger side window had a bit of a glitch and wouldn't properly go up. It would stall and go up and down and finally after a few tries it would finally work. I couldn't believe after checking the oil, tires, hood lines, door edges for repainting, radio knobs, window buttons, gas and break peddles for wear, that I had forgotten to test the windows! I took the car back, and after one look, w/ NO ARGUMENTS Mike said "We'll take care of that", and had his people take a look at it. A short time later he let me know it needed a new master switch and regulator, and said the parts had been ordered and would be installed at NO CHARGE TO ME! THAT'S MY IDEA OF SERVICE AFTER THE SALE! Even though I bought the car as is, THE GUYS HERE WENT THE EXTRA MILE. I know it was a small thing for them to fix, but any other dealership would probably have said tuff luck or charged me to fix it, but by doing things the right way, these guys have definitely earned a great review and a repeat customer. These guys are great especially Mike and Eddie. All I can say is at least give them a chance, because I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED."Rikesh Patel
"About two weeks ago I was looking on Craigslist for used cars and saw a VW Rabbit 08 that I fell in love with and wanted very badly. I then emailed Tampa Auto Source and they got back to me immediately to schedule an appointment and I was in there a couple days after contacting them. I went to the car lot to meet Mike one of the sales guys there, but worked with Peter instead. I looked at a few cars, but loved the VW and got it that day. Being safe about a used car lot I took my car to VW since I was skeptical about the car and the problems it could have. It did have a few, but nothing major. Once I found out the problems with my VW Tampa Auto Source ordered the parts immediately ,and had it in there to fix a few days later, and the day after I dropped it off had it right back. Unlike some car dealerships they were there to help and fix anything. Event though there were a few problems I would definitely send others here. The benefits of coming here outweighed the few complications. I absolutely love my car. Very smooth and looks great on the inside and the outside. Also when I decide to get new tires I will be coming back here and for a good price. Thanks Peter for all your help."Heaven Watts
"I could not have had a better experience. It was very refreshing to speak to a salesman that treated me with respect. I had been shopping for a car for over a month, but this is the first place that I called that took the time to listen to my particular situation. They went above and beyond what I ever expected and the car that I got was in amazing condition!!!"Jasmine Pope
"There is no Shortcut to Experience. My case was very different from others, I went to at least 10 to 12 car dealers in tampa area before Tampa Auto Source. All of those previous car dealers just made hard inquires on my credit, lied, tried to sell me junk cars and some disapproved me. I contacted Tampa Auto Source and i explained the details of my purchase requirement and past experience with the other dealers, Eddy and Mike both of guys are really professional, helpful and friendly. They took my details on the phone and then checked my credit got me approved and the other day i was driving a beautiful Honda Accord 07 immaculate condition. The Best part of these guys is they have a tremendous Inventory and they will respect you and will help you fulfill your car needs in decent manner. Zaki Abbas & Fatima"Zaki Abbas
"I reached this dealership after reading the reviews and bought the car in the first visit itself. Peter was very courteous and professional, he gave a lot of space for myself and mywife to talk about the car ourselves and helped us in the decision. I recommend this dealdership and especially to contact Peter for any future purchase of cars. I started markeing already. They have very good quality cars at reasonable prices. You dont need to be lost in the tedious protocol of seeing a car in the large dealership, visit tampa auto source and you will be home."Naveen Machado
"My best friend and I were in search of buying a used vehicle in the Tampa area. We came across several dealerships on Florida Ave. Unfortunately, none met our expectations of fast, excellent, and ethical service. Our last option was Tampa Auto Source. We met with Peter, Eddie, and Freddy, who guided us through our first buying of a financed vehicle. Several issues arose on our side. However, they were patient with us and assisted us in ways we never would have imagined. When I think about Customer Service in its perfection, I think of these guys at Tampa Auto Source. They have put the statement of "Above and Beyond" to shame! Never would I have imagine buying a car stress free. A huge Thank You to Juan and Carlos as well who assisted us with our vehicle. I will definitely be buying another vehicle from them soon, and I suggest everyone do the same."Mellisa Bryan
"Tampa Auto Source is the place to good if you want a great, clean used car with excellent service. This was my first ever car purchase and Peter was extremely knowledgeable and friendly during the whole process from looking at the car to purchase. There was no pressure during the whole experience, and I'm thankful I came to Tampa Auto Source to look for the GTI. Peter also came through with an awesome interest rate on the GTI! Check them out!"Trevor Moore
"Peter and Eddie at Tampa Auto Source were of great help in my first time car buying experience. They had a beautiful, black, BMW 3 series that I had been looking for. The one they had was in the best condition that I had found any where with the fewest miles. Eddie was able to get me financed with next to no credit at a really competitive APR and made the car buying experience easy. Now I have a car that I'm proud of, with financing that worked for me. I recommend."tannersims
"I couldn't have been more pleased with the service I received at Tampa Auto! Everyone from sales to finance treated me like I was the most important person on the lot. All of the usual "used car dealer" games were no where to be found. All of my questions were answered straight forward and honestly. When it came to financing I was first given a worst case scenario, then the final result came back far better than I had expected before I walked in. The car I purchased, as well as all that I looked at, was absolute top notch. In fact when I told some friends about the car I found as well as the deal I received they were not only amazed but jealous. If you have the opportunity to visit Tampa Auto you will not be disappointed, especially if you work with Pete."Merle Foote
"I came across a beautiful 2004 BMW 3 series with the desirable ZHP performance package on Autotrader, listed by Tampa Auto Source. The listing had an accurate description, professional pictures and a reasonable price. When I called to inquire about the car my first contact was Peter Acevedo who was eager to describe it to me and answer all of my questions. Over the next several days I dealt with him as well as Peter Parker and both were polite, professional, helpful, and most of all more than willing to help me coordinate the long distance purchase (I'm from CT). After flying in, Peter A picked me up and brought me to the dealership where, thanks to both parties' planning, the transaction went smoothly after a pleasant test drive. Tampa Auto Source, particularly the Peters, made what could have been a nightmare into an enjoyable and stress free adventure. I financed my car externally but I can only imagine that the same level of service I experienced would be extended to anyone seeking financial services from them as well."colinpwalker 3/22/2013
"As a military officer I am used to conducting detailed research and analysis of options to select the best options in a given situation. Selecting the right car is no exception. After having a list of 98 cars that met my initial criteria, I was able to finally get the list down to my top three. The first dealership of the three was Tampa Auto Source at 7610 North Florida Avenue in Tampa. I had emailed and spoken to Peter Acevedo no less than six times to get information on the cars in his inventory. As soon as I arrived I was pleasantly greeted by Mr Peter Parker and later Peter Acevedo (who was finalizing the sale of another amazing vehicle for a happy couple). I liked the car but had to see the other two vehicles. After seeing the other cars it was a tie between an Audi and the BMW. As much as I liked the Audi, the service, courtesy friendliness and professionalism of the team at Tampa Auto Source made all the difference. A week later I am still overjoyed with the decision I made and the quality of the car. I would not hesitate to purchase another vehicle from Tampa Auto Source and would enthusiasticly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality car presented by outstandidg profesionals -especially those serving in the United States Armed Forces or First Responders. They were very military friendly and great to work with. Thanks Peter and Peter, I look forward to buying my next automobile from you soon!"MPowerHaus
"Went there to see the civic and acura they had listed online, both were gone... but the Audi TT was there. Excellent Condition, always wanted an Audi TT... This was a 2002 Convertible, great price, only 74k miles on it. CLEAN, inside and out. Both Peters were very friendly and helpful. the transaction was smooth and easy. Had the car for a month now, runs awesome, looks even better. Highly recommend Tampa Auto Source if you are looking for a great used car."Eric Lo
"Tampa Auto Sales provided excellent customer service. They had a fabulous car selection. We worked with Peter and he was very helpful and ready to answer any questions we had. He understood our needs and paid attention to detail. I would highly recommend Tampa Auto Sales to others and we will be a return customer."Julie Cuevas
"I've had such a great experience at Tampa Auto Source! Peter is amazing! From the minute I got there to the minute I left, the customer service was excellent. He was honest, personable, and straight-forward. He told me what I needed to know being a first time buyer and when I came back with my down payment and a better salary, the process wasn't long and was quick and everything was explained to me in a manner that I understood, and was able to ask questions when I needed to. Great service, great people, and great cars!"S. Jackson from Tampa, Florida | January 25, 2013
"Peter provided exceptional service. I wasn't expecting to purchase a car at the time i went, but Peter was very laid back and personable. The whole process was very seemless and easy. They have very good quality and clean vehicles. They are definitely worth checking out."C Turner
"The service was great! I came from out of town and they picked me up and brought me to the dealership. They were very helpful throughout the entire process to get the deal completed. I am somewhat new to driving a stick shift but on the test drive they even helped me learn how to drive the car! A+ overall. Definitely highly recommend using their service."Josiah Daniels
"I have given this rating because they made it so comfortable for me and my family to come in Peter and his associates were so welcoming to us while we were in there. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone I know."bjamal1987 12/27/2012
"I recently purchased a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette from Tampa Auto Source, and let me say that the experience was fantastic. Peter and everyone there were very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and just all-around good people. I thought the prices were competitive and, being a first-time buyer, they did a lot to work with me and make sure all the financing and other issues were taken care of. I was working on a budget, so they made certain I could afford the payments. I would recommend this dealer to everyone."Trevor Pleines. Wesley Chapel, FL 12/21/2012
"I recommend anyone looking to buy a car to check out tampa auto source. My personal experience was A+. i spoke to peter and we spoked about the car that i wanted, he was polite and straight forward answering all my questions and being very patient. In a matter of days I had the car that I wanted at a lower monthly payment than i requested......would definitely do business with Peter again."dunae 12/12/2012 6:44:55 PM
"great experience. I've purchased cars before, this was by far the best buying experience. I would have bought 2 cars if I could afford it."Sam P. from Tampa, Fl | December 8, 2012
"Peter was a great guy to work with as well as the rest of the team form TAS I had to bring the car back for final delivery and inspection due to the day before it was closing time and we all had to go home after a long day work the next day when I brought the car back no problem and as promised the car was clean and the mechanic did final inspection to make sure that everything was working the way it was meant to this is when I noticed that they are here to create good relations with the customer while making good business decisions and that says a lot about good etiquette and character from me and my wide thank you so very much and keep up the good work."ernestomartinez 11/6/2012 1:01:03 AM
"This was by far the friendliest and most efficient dealer i've ever been to. Peter and his staff were amazing. As a person with credit challenges, Peter was able to get me an amazingly low interest rate on the vehicle i wanted...I'm still in disbelief about it. All i can say is that i'm very grateful for all of the work that the staff put in for me. Thanks guys! Gus M"gustavo33171 10/22/2012 11:01:02 AM
"Service was very friendly and professional. Hector really knew what he was doing They really listened to what I want and made it happen, extremely satisfied and will recommend to anyone. All employees including manager Peter, and finance girl, somehow got involved in making us feel that they really care and wanted to help. Talking to all my family and friends to go and check them out."marisol.carrasquillo.52 9/20/2012 5:01:30 PM
"I have to say that I am so pleased with how this story ended up, and it could have been a much different experience if Eddy and Peter of Tampa Auto Source had not been diligent in making sure they did right by someone who ended up purchasing a car with major engine issues. I commend them for doing the right thing by their customer. In mid May 2012, I purchased (cash) what I thought was my dream sports car convertible from Peter Acevedo of Tampa Auto Source. The car I purchased was a clean car fax, one owner vehicle, the same make and model of one I owned and loved just 2 years ago. Within a few weeks, it was obvious that there was a serious engine problem as the car was burning excessive amounts of oil. Peter recommended I bring the car back to him to have his independent mechanic evaluate the problem. The vehicle it seemed had not been properly cared for by that one owner, was now in need of a valve job and possibly an entire engine replacement. Somewhere along the line (and the car had been at several dealerships prior to coming to Tampa Auto Source), I believe someone did something to hide the problem for a few thousand miles. I do not believe that Tampa Auto Source knew anything more than I did about the condition of the engine - it drove well, and had no obvious oil burning issues until after I had driven it about 900 miles. From there - it just got worse. After several visits to Peter's local mechanic, and a thorough evaluation, Peter and the owner of Tampa Auto Source – Eddy Arias, agreed that they would take the car back and get me a replacement vehicle of my choosing. I am now driving a newer vehicle (different make/model) that Eddy arranged to purchase from another local dealer so that he in turn could take my oil burning car back in trade, and am very happy. Tampa Auto Source gave me the full price paid back toward the new car. They were very careful to make sure that I was happy with my new choice, and had no problem with me having the vehicle evaluated by a mechanic prior to my purchase. I really appreciate the honesty and integrity of Tampa Auto Source, Eddy Arias and Peter Acevedo. They worked with me until I was happy, and worked hard to get me a good quality replacement vehicle."Junker1079 8/1/2012 7:54:22 AM
"I am more than pleased with the level of service received at Tampa Auto Source. Their sales rep Peter provided an informative, comfortable, assuring atmosphere when purchasing my 07 Scion TC. I feel like I got a great deal and quality vehicle. I would recommend to all buyers to browse their inventory for consideration."KC Killinger from Clearwater, FL | October 23, 2012
"Not only was the Salesman very accommodating, but the vehicles were in stellar condition. Great 2003 BMW 325I. Great patience from the salesman and no pressure. Recommend to any person looking for good quality vehicles!"car fan from tampa, fl | October 9, 2012
"Very nice group of people at this dealership who take a personal interest in your personal reasons for wanting a vehicle at the price that you want it. They work very hard to get you the price that you want and will work with credit unions they have never heard of before (although this may be time consuming). Very respectful and very easy to talk to. Very flexible with staying after closing and arriving early, too. I appreciate everything they have done for me and I love the car. They made sure to check all fluids and did not hesitate to show me the Carfax report. Everything seems to be in very good condition. Price negotiation was a little tough, but they will eventually find something that works for you."Kayla Brown
"We came to look at a 2006 jeep cherokee laredo that was is very good condition. Leather seats, sunroof, heated seats, overall great car. Service was good, the salesman was very sociable and gave a lot of information on the car. Overall we had a positive experience and we left with the jeep!"Audreyana Moua
"the people here are grate. they work very well on the person in buy make sure there in a car that is safe and happy."brandon from seffner fl | October 1, 2012
"The communications skills at Tampa Auto Source were excellent. The employees were very friendly and not to "pushy"."Heather from Seminole Fl | September 29, 2012
"Peter and Hector gave me a great experience in buying my vehicle. i would recommand this place to anyone. very nice people."Expedition finder from Tampa, FL | September 19, 2012
"Hector was very friendly, helpful and professional from the first time I stepped into Tampa Auto Source. He helped coordinate an amazing deal on a beautiful Mercedes and I could not be happier and I highly recommend Hector and Tampa Auto Source."Alexander from Saint Petersburg, FL | September 13, 2012
"Wow, Peter and Eddie provided excellent service at Tampa Auto Source. They were honest and friendly and I love my mint condition Lexus! They also offered us a fair price for our trades. We would shop there again in the future."Love my Lexus | September 7, 2012
"Overall staff @ Tampa Auto Source is very friendly (especially my salesman, Hector)...He promised me that the Finance Manager will turn a miracle & she did!!! It was fast & worry free experience. I am a very happy purchaser & highly recommend this dealer for clean quality & affordable vehicles."Ms. Smith from Temple Terrace, FL | June 18, 2012
"I am very amazed at how fast and convenient this purchase was for me. Along with very pleasant sales personnel and having the vehicle of my choice. My sale associate was Hector and he was so extremely helpful that this was an absolutely perfect experience without a shadow of doubt. He has made me a very happy and satisfied customer. Thanks to him and Tampa Auto Source for all their generosity in making this a most joyful time and hope we have many more opportunity's in the future. Thank you so much."Bullet from Bartow, Florida | May 5, 2012
"well my experience started with peter on the phone and right away he made me feel comfortable about driving 2 hrs away to purchase this vehicle and I am a very tight person but peter made me feel great to make the drive and once my wife and I got here to tampa auto source it just made the experience perfect and I appreciate everything!!!"Devdog from 33913 | May 1, 2012
"Our sales rep Peter was excellent. From the initial call right through the delivery process peter made the experience smooth and thorough. The BMW we purchased is a great car at a reasonable price. I recommend this dealer and peter for your future car buying needs"Walker from Palm Harbor Fl April 30, 2012
"I have had a GREAT experience at Tampa Auto Source - great customer service, in person & via E-mail & especially Great Cars! I would highly recommend the dealership & employees!"Betty from Miami, FL April 27, 2012
"This company did a wonderful job with helping me getting finance with a great rate within 24hrs. The salesman was very helpful and the company stood behind their word."Bishop from Tampa, FL April 20, 2012
"I was buying my first car and Hector made it very easy for me and everything went great!"Jessie from seffner fl March 8, 2012
"great customer service fast on the speed of service all we had to do is fill out paper work and out with our car."esmeralda zapote from bradenton February 29, 2012
"It was my first time buying a car and financing. Peter helped me out from the beginning was very charismatic and helpful. He was never pushy in any way which I really liked since I had been to so many dealerships and most of them were very annoying. He was able to make the process very easy and I got to go home with the car I wanted that same day!"Keren from Oldsmar, FL February 24, 2012
"Amazing Experience!!! Just purchased a 2006 Mercedes E350. The car is incredibly clean and in wonderful condition. We worked with Peter and Sal and they were able to facilitate a prime credit lender even with less than perfect credit. We could not have asked for a better experience, and would recommend Tampa Auto Source to anyone looking for a clean, reliable car at a reasonable price. Their customer service and amazing cars has ensured that any future car purchases will be done with them!"Sarah Kivi
"Had a great experience.Very helpful and great looking cars at great prices. A+++ Ask for Pete!"MAt Robertson
"Marie ‎ - today I don't think I have ever been through a car buying experience like this before. What a pleasure to relax and not feel as though I was a fly in the spiders web....I had read the reviews of this dealership prior to my first visit and was impressed. I can honestly say now, having my own successful car buying experience that all the praise is well deserved. They had the exact car I was looking for, at a better price than most if not all, and made sure that all my concerns and more were taken care of before I picked up the car to drive it home. I am delighted to be able to recommend Peter to any of my friends who may be looking for a quality used car, and I will certainly keep in touch and head there for my next one."Marie ‎ - May 21, 2012
"First impression are lasting. Sold from the customer service to the vehicle. I'm now a happy customer. Thanks Peter!!!"Pamela ‎ - May 16, 2012
"The service is amazing i came and they never gave up on me and the situation i was in. they worked with me to the end and now i have my own rx-8 and im loving it.;]"Amp - May 11, 2012
"Fantastic Amazing phenomenal service!!! Pete and Sal were genuine and made my first car buying experience a good one and will absolutely be using them in the future"acdubbs
"‎ Great experience. Found the vehicle online, came to test drive it, walked out with the vehicle. Nice, simple, hassle free! Peter was very helpful, made for a great entertaining experience."Jessica
"Spent weeks looking for the right glad I came across Peter at Tampa Auto Source. The provided me and my family excellent service, and an awesome vehicle...without the pressure. There are many used luxury car lots up and down Florida Ave., but I have to say they have some of the nicest, cleanest cars on the strip. I recommend this dealership for anyone looking for a nice used car at a great price."Anthony ‎ - Mar 9, 2012
"Great Experience with Peter And Sal. Even though I know my credit situation was not ideal they were able to work with me and get me approved at a payment that was lower then I wanted. I would recommend this dealership to anyone that wants to buy a quality car for a reasonable price."patrick ‎ - Mar 1, 2012
"This dealership is awesome they have very clean cars. They made sure to get me financed on the car I wanted. They even bought a spoiler to add on to the car because they knew I wanted a g35 with a spoiler. When no other dealer could get me financed on a car they got me finaced on the car I wanted. They were very flexible on the down payment and they told me they could get me financed at 5% and I went in to sign for the car and they had me approved at a 2% rate. Car buying is usually very stressful and they made it very easy. I will definatley buy another car from them again. Make sure to ask for Peter he is very helpful."Feb 29, 2012
"i freaking love this dealership!! its awesome... i had such a hard time trying to find a car and when i got there they made everything so easy ... loved the employers and costumer service ...."Marianela ‎ - Feb 24, 2012
"My husband and I came to Tampa Auto Source looking for a new car.Tampa Auto Source has the best employees working there.They are so nice and helpful they even stayed later to help us get the car.I recommend anyone looking for a new car come to Tampa Auto Source they are the best in the business!!"Jessy ‎ - Feb 11, 2012
"Just wanted to say that my experience at Tampa Auto Source was excellent. They gave us clear direction on what items to bring and I was in and out with the vehicle I wanted in record time. Hector is very knowledgeable and gave awesome customer service. We are very happy with our purchase and thanks for taking the time to explain everything. We will be coming back again!"Alex - February 11, 2012
"I was first drawn to Tampa Auto Source due to them having the vehicle I had in mind in stock. The mileage was great, the vehicle was great, and the staff helped make the price fit my budget. Hector spent a great deal of time with me in answering any questions I had. Peter was also a great help. Now I am waiting to see if a vehicle comes on the lot for my husband. I wish all places had the customer service that Tampa Auto Source possesses."Dwaves - February 10, 2012
"I've been looking for a VW GTI for almost a year now. And, it seemed the only ones I could find were on these small used car lots in Tampa. I had quite a few bad experiences dealing with these various places so I was reluctant to drive to Tampa, from St. Pete, again to look at another car that wasn't going to deliver what the dealer promised. After talking to Peter on the phone for just a few minutes I got the feeling that this place was different from the others. I was still skeptical, however. When I arrived on the lot I could tell that all the cars were well maintained and as close to stock as possible. I sat down in the GTI on the lot and liked it. I took it for a test drive and fell in love. But, the price was considerably more than I wanted to spend and I was trading in a vehicle in which I was upside down. We sat down and discussed the options. Peter and Sal made me feel like they genuinely wanted to help me get into the car I wanted. And, after looking into various financing options, I got the car I wanted for the price I needed. Now I am driving a 2007 VW GTI that is in great shape and is super-fun to drive! Thanks guys! you're awesome."The Club ‎ - Feb 8, 2012
"I came to Tampa Auto Source because I wanted a Mini Cooper and Mini of Tampa Bay was not helpful at all. Within four days I DROVE out of here today in my new car. Tampa Auto Source and especially Peter are really a wonderful experience. They take the time to get to know the customer's situation and try everything humanly possible to meet the needs, especially in the financing department. If there were ten rating starts available, I would give it to them, because they are simply amazing. If you are looking for a used vehicle, and may not be able to purchase, but need financing. Come see Peter at Tampa Auto Source. He is an amazing guy and I'm pretty sure he can turn water to wine."Laura ‎ - Feb 7, 2012
"WENT IN LOOKING FOR A MAZDA, CAME HOME IN A BMW. Of course, we are all skeptics when it comes to buying cars, as we know dealers always come out on top when making a sale, but here, I ran into Hector, who instantly made himself available, and appealed to my needs, gave us a test drive, and after a few hours of "the financing rodeo" (which was painless, except for the fact that I work nights, and I went in to buy early in the day), I was in a Beamer. Low payments were an issue and thanks to the efforts of Hector and Sal, they made the deal happen, in which everyone was happy. As you know, most used cars come with previous owner defects, and unfortunately (aside from standard topical/surface wear and tear and weather effects that come with any car age, completely fixable at a Maaco) we currently have an issue with blown rear speakers, which they offered to fix. That was awesome. I I hope to have it done soon, but wow, I felt really good about spending my money there. The only Suggestion I would give, is that in the waiting area, they get an xbox or PS3, because one never knows how long they are going to wait, and that would be a pleasant distraction. Its not a necessity, But one that would put them head and shoulders above other dealers who never know how long any transaction will be. I am very pleased with my purchase. Just go to the lot. You never know WHAT you will go home in. I went looking for a MAZDA, came home in a BMW. Thanks guys (and gal)"Rick ‎ - Feb 5, 2012
"BEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE! I was a first time car buyer and Peter walked me through the entire process and made me feel at ease and confident during the process. Very personable and knowledgeable. After visiting many many car dealerships Peter helped me find the perfect car for my needs. You won't be disappointed with Tampa Auto Source or with Peter! I drove away in a great car for a great price. Thanks Tampa Auto Source!"Leigha ‎ - Feb 4, 2012
"They don't make you feel like just a number like at the big dealerships."H. Pabon ‎ - Jan 31, 2012
"Amazing Experience!!! Just purchased a 2006 Mercedes E350. The car is incredibly clean and in wonderful condition. We worked with Peter and Sal and they were able to facilitate a prime credit lender even with less than perfect credit. We could not have asked for a better experience, and would recommend Tampa Auto Source to anyone looking for a clean, reliable car at a reasonable price. Their customer service and amazing cars has ensured that any future car purchases will be done with them!"J. Parker ‎ - Jan 26, 2012
"when looking for a great deal or just great people to talk to about cars or any general subject ...the guys at tampa auto source are your people for great customer service and relations."jrock - January 13, 2012
"My wife and I had an excellent experience at Tampa Auto Source! Our salesman Peter was very knowledgeable, friendly, and worked hard to get us a great deal and an amazing rate on our BMW! I will defiantly be purchasing from them in the future! Thank you Tampa Auto Source!"E. Rivers ‎ - Jan 12, 2012
"We came here to look at cars. we were treated excellent. we asked about one car. we were shown the car fax right away. he explained the whole car fax to us. he never tried to push the car on us. the visit was actually fun the whole time. laid back,you know. so i trusted him and what he was telling me. even the test drive was fun. then when we decided to buy they were very helpful thru the whole process, never rushed us. they also gave us a good deal on our trade in. all in all this was the best car experience we have ever had and would come back in the future. i will also recommend this place to all my friends and family."fabri from - January 10, 2012
"Bought my first car from Tampa Auto Source and what great service I received. Got a low interest rate for a first time buyer and the people are extremely friendly and do not pressure you. Ask for Peter, he went above and beyond to get me in a car. Will do business again!"D. Chwojko ‎ - Jan 9, 2012
"Hey Peter, From the moment you picked up the phone and answered my call Saturday morning to when we left the lot at 6:15 p.m. in our new wheels, it truly was a joy ride. You, Your boss Eddy and everybody else made our experience at Tampa Auto Source purchasing and auto form you one of the best since I purchased my first car in 1975. This is the 13 auto, the third Toyota RAW4. We love out toy RAW4 2004. Thank you so much!!!"Mercy & Ernesto
"I had the best time here at this dealership. Peter the sales associate and Sal the GSM took great care of me the first time that i came back less than a month later to get another vehicle for my wife. He was patient and courteous and was not pushy at all like most places I've been to. We really felt like a part of the family here at Tampa auto source. If you want great vehicles with the best service this is the place to come. I sell cars myself and I'm all about customer service but i was blown away."A. Flowers - Dec 30, 2011
"The sale guys at this dealership are amazing especially peter he is great with assisting you with anything that you need. they work out really good deals for us based on our budget. we now have two cars from them and would recommend friends and family to buy from them."R. Flowers - Dec 30, 2011
"Had a great experience.Very helpful and great looking cars at great prices. A+++ Ask for Pete!"MAt
"Great deal !! Good experience !! I am very surprised at the other reviews here, I had not purchased a used car in the last 16 years, but was forced to do so for my son to go to college, I was told by friends it going to be time consuming and at some point a little aggravating, to my surprise, I end up buying from the first used car dealer I visited, the vehicle was offered online at a great price, and Freddy (salesperson) was very nice and informative, we liked the car but still wanted to look at others which we did only to realized even more that this was a great deal. I`m sending all my friends and family to Freddy... and my son loves his new 2008 Mazda 3."
"Very professional operation for a smaller car dealership, tried a few franchise dealerships and found the same old story, overpriced cars, old annoying sales tactics and of course the way over priced extended warranties and dealer charges, sales person Eddy was pleasant and at the same time right to the point very professional and accommodating, we were impressed by the service and quality of the vehicles."- W. Rose in Land O Lakes, FL